Frequently Asked Questions

How many issues are there?

Hayburner is a quarterly magazine and is usually released in March, June, September and November. We call these our Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter issues.


Can Change my subscription address?

Yes, no problem! Please send us an email to with your original postal address, name and PayPal email if you subscribed online, and we will get this updated for you.


What shows do you attend?

Hayburner attends and trades at approximately 20 UK and European shows each year. Please get in touch with an up to date list for 2019.


Does my subscription automatically renew?

It completely depends where you subscribed. If you did it online through PayPal you would of accepted a re-occurring payment profile with us and this will be taken from your PayPal each year, unless you cancelled the payment before the next year's amount was due.  

If you subscribed at a show/event this would need to be paid each year at the same event, online or you call us up and pay over the phone.


What is a skipped or suspended PayPal payment?

Skipped or suspended PayPal payment is when a re-occurring subscription payment is being attempted to come out of your bank account but either the card that is linked with your Paypal is expired and has not been renewed or there is sufficient funds.

If this was attempted over 2 weeks ago the easiest thing would be to re-subscribe and cancel the original payment if required (if the card has expired then it is impossible for the payment to be made again).

If you need any further assistance please contact Vic on


Product Returns

If items have not been worn or there is a fault we accept all returns. If you recently had an order from us there will be a returns form included in your item (in the 'Thank you' leaflet). Please fill in or write a note of what you would like us to swap the item for and post back to - 


Unit 55 Leyland Trading Estate




Where Can I find Hayburner?

The mag is distributed mainly by subscriptions but we also have a few companies and show rooms that stock Hayburner. We also attend various VW shows across the whole of  Europe here you can, as always, pick up a copy for free.