About Hayburner

A quarterly magazine solely funded by sponsorship from the people and companies that make the VW industry what it is. We work hard to bring you a full length, size and quality publication full of features written by real enthusiasts just doing what they love. 

Hayburner is available at shows, VW business showrooms and VW events we attend all across Europe. Or you can subscribe for the cost of postage only, through our subscription page which will get your copies delivered straight to your door.

A brief history of the magazine

Around 7 years ago a discussion was made sitting around a campfire with some friends with a few beers, discussing the current UK economic climate and how it was affecting the VW scene/industry. At the time the editor, Ned was doing auto jumble just to keep afloat and to make rent. This was the night the Hayburner concept was thought up. “I’m not sure when, but the idea had been discussed and was still in my banging head when I woke up. The idea was to start a company that benefitted everyone involved. Businesses get to push their products at a very cheap rate and the people get a free magazine to read.”

28 issues in and the concept is still going strength to strength concentrating on aircooled builds, VW/Porsche stories, keeping up to date with classic car enthusiast news and features.

Why Hayburner?

It’s an old 50s hot-rodders’ term for a car that will always cost you money.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, advertisers, subscribers and anyone who has contributed, helped us along the way and had the guts to think a little differently and take a chance on a new idea. We could not have brought you this FREE magazine without these people and their hard work. They all deserve a great deal of appreciation for giving what they have to Hayburner. Many have not benefitted in any way from their contributions. For this we should all be grateful.for creating the biggest VW mag in the world.